martedì 29 gennaio 2013

hey, remember that time?

How I got where I am, regardless of where I actually am, is and always has been a long and convoluted story that I usually forget to tell and, like every long and convoluted story it may deserve to be told. At least parts of it, I guess. Now that I'm about to leave Italy again, this time for Cambridge (why? I have very little idea, guess I'll figure out in a hopefully short wile), I realized that my year in Sacramento wasn't just hella fun, it also left me with some stories that I want to tell the iternet too (even though I'm pretty sure I have less readers here than people I told those stories in real life), guess if I want to become some sort a writer "when I grow up" I need to use all the stories I have at least for practice.

Man that was a boring intro, guess I'll just start over with a new post once I figure out where to begins (the beginning? may be to obvious)

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