sabato 18 febbraio 2012

the Best Burger in the World

Fact: the hamburger is the most valuable contribution America made in all her history to world gastronomy, and if you want to make fun of this country for that well, sir, you're an idiot: it is a brilliant combo and one of the best food ever to be invented (and remember, I was born and raised in Italy).

remember that episode? that's how I feel every time I have a not-so-great burger, my grandpa's shoes

There's one problem though, since no one has the perfect recipe, and even a simple food like the hamburger can be made in hundreds of different ways, it's easy to find very crappy burgers and, sadly, kind of rare to find the very good ones. What kind of meat? what kind of bread? pickles or tomatoes? both? mayo, ketchup or none of them? red onions or white onions? and you can always add other ingredients to the basic mix, like bacon, cheese or peanut butter (I wish I were joking). I'm not going to write down how I think a burger is supposed to be though, instead I'll collect in this post all the places in the planet where I had a notable burger (linking more exhaustive reviews I'll do when I have the time), suggestions are more than welcome.


The Pearl, San Francisco, California
Nationwide Freezer Meats, Sacramento, California
Burgers & Brew, Sacramento, California
Father's Office, Santa Monica, California


The Brown Bear, London


the little burger stall in front of the leaning tower, Pisa, Toscana
Margy Burger, Milano, Lombardia

the current #1 BURGER IN THE FREAKING WORLD is: The Brown Bear, London, UK

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  1. just to be fastidiously finicky: it's Margy (not Marghy)