martedì 28 febbraio 2012

A little bit of Italy in your kitchens

For some reasons it would be too long to explain I've decided to write down in this blog something that you, my friends the americans, may find interesting: italian recipes. I'm not talking about "italoamerican" recipes, things you think are italian but in fact you can't find in Italy, like Alfredo's sauce or meatball sauce, or that thing you think is a Lasagna (and has mozzarella in it, I guess, anyway WRONG). What I'm about to share, and keep in mind that I love american food, are some "italian italian" recipes, or if you prefer "how we cook stuff back there". Of course italian cousine is regional before national, so most of them will be from the northern Italy (where I'm from) but I've learned a lot from friends, so don't worry there will be something from south and center italy too. I may even have friends give me some recipes and then try them out and translate, so feel free to send me requests if you want.

what's coming soon (if there's a link follow it and you'll find the recipe)

- ragú (italian meatsauce)
- pasta alla carbonara
- lasagne
- canederli
- saffron risotto (or risotto "alla milanese")
- trick for roasted potatoes

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